What is a modular custom bong?

  • A modular custom bong is a piece you can interchange different bases, percolators, and mouthpieces to create endless design options. Want a small sesh in the morning, but a big bong at night? Well a customizable bong allows you to set it up based on however you are feeling with ease. Pretty cool right?? 

What is the best starter piece for those new to the custom bong game?

  • Well it depends on your preferences, but we always recommend either the Basic Tall Mouthpiece and Beaker OR the Standard Mouthpiece, with a Perc, and any Base. The second option is really 2 bongs in 1! Kind of a no brainer. 

Is every glass piece interchangeable?

  • Yes! All of the Prism pieces can be interchanged to make an awesome custom bong depending on your sesh mood for the day. 

How many combinations can I make?

  • So the coolest thing about a customizable bong is the options are literally endless. Plus, Prism is continually coming out with new pieces and designs. Early on we calculated the combinations to be 1,154 setups. Cannot imagine what that number is now! So have fun designing your unique custom bong!

How do I assemble it?

How do I clean my setup?

  • Cleaning a bong is easy, said no one ever, until they owned a modular custom bong! So all you have to do is disassemble your piece and fill with your preferred cleaning agent. Shake it up and let it sit, then rinse out. It’s that easy. No more hard to reach spots! We do suggest purchasing some cleaning caps. Check out @highgenevievee‘s video she made for us on cleaning it with a solvent in the sink! Here’s the link to the page:https://prismwaterpipes.com/pages/cleaning

How thick is Prism glass? 

  • All of our bong bases and mouthpieces are made of high end 7mm borosilicate glass. So it’s thick! All percolators and bent mouthpieces are made from 5mm borosilicate glass due to the detail work within the percs. However, 5mm is still a solid thickness. Now that doesn’t mean the glass won’t break because it’s still glass but, at least it has a fighting chance.

How durable is it?

  • Oh it’s durable. The glass is made from high end 5mm & 7mm borosilicate glass and the clamps from steel. Once the clamps are closed, even the Hulk couldn’t pull this beast apart.

What do I do if a piece breaks?

  • Unfortunately, we’ve all been there when our stomach drops to the floor as our beloved bong breaks. Not a good day. Luckily, with a custom bong, it’s super easy and inexpensive to replace the broken parts.Whewf

Is my custom bong dishwasher safe?

  • You can place your Prism glass in the dishwasher on the top shelf, but we have found this can fade your decals. If your glass does not have decals, then you only run the risk of fading the decal Prism logo around the rim. We are not suggesting you put your glass in your dishwasher though, but if you do, the glass should be fine. However, please note, the clamps are NOT dishwasher safe and should not be placed in the dishwasher. See out cleaning link for out suggested cleaning method: https://prismwaterpipes.com/pages/cleaning 

What are the Halos made out of?

  • The Halos are made of an aluminum exterior, durable plastic threads on the inside, and a silicon gasket to create an air tight seal to protect the threads from smoke and to give you a smooth pull. 

How tall can I build it?

  • However tall your heart desires! Just make sure you have a Beaker or Big Honeycomb Base to stabilize the base of the bong! And maybe someone holding it too if you’re building a really tall one haha!

Can I buy a Prism piece in a headshop?

  • Unfortunately, no. We are ramping up to do so though. Stay tuned because we are super excited about it and have something serious in the works!

How do the Halos work?

  • You simply slide screw the pieces together and you're all set once the silicon has sealed!

    How often will new designs come out?

    • The Prism design team is alway innovating and scheming up new designs. It’s kinda what our Founder does best. 100% ideas man that one. So our goal is to try and have new items on the website on a monthly basis. Follow us on IG @prismwaterpipes to see all new item releases or sign up for our newsletter. Also, be on the lookout for discontinued items.

    Do the Halos give a complete seal?

    • Yes they do. The gaskets make it so the seal is tight even if you don't thread the pieces together hard. 

    How old do I have to be to shop at Prism?

    • You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase from our store. 

    What are your customer service hours of operation?

    • Our shop and customer service hours of operations are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (East Coast Standard Time). We are closed on weekends and holidays. However, feel free to reach out on IG at any time and they will try to help you as best as they can.

    What size bowl does the beaker use?

    What size bowl does the Big and regular Honeycomb Base use?

    Does the Prism modular system work with any other brand?

    • No it does not. The threads are unique to Prism, but we have tons of options for you to choose from and are releasing more each year

    Do you sell wholesale?

    • Yes, please use this link for a wholesale inquiry 

    Can I tour the Prism Philadelphia facility?

    • Due to COVID our shop is not currently open for tours.

    Does Prism offer repairs?

    • Prism does not repair broken glass even if it’s a Prism piece.

    Can I order a custom piece?

    • Unfortunately we do not make personalized pieces at this time.


      I forgot to use my discount code, can I have it added to my order or receive a refund?

      • Sorry, but we can’t apply discount codes to orders retroactively. 

      Why do I have multiple charges pending from Prism when I placed one order?

      • If you receive an error while trying to submit your order, you may see a pre-authorization charge on your billing account. This pre-authorization should clear within 2-3 business days. If it does not go away, please contact your bank. 

      Does Prism accept Paypal?

      • Unfortunately, we do not due to Paypal’s restrictions on smoking products and accessories.

      Do I have to pay sales tax?

      • Every state and country is different. Please refer to your state or country tax regulations.

      My order was declined, but my card was still charged. What should I do?

      • Sometimes banks will place holds on a card. If this is the case, please wait a few days to see if the hold(s) are dropped. If they are not, contact your bank for further assistance.


      What will my package look like?

      • Prism ships all their orders in a discrete brown box.

      Do you require a signature at delivery?

      • No we do not.

      Do you charge any duties, taxes or other fees for international shipping?

      • Duties, taxes and other fees are determined by the customs agency within the destination country and are the responsibility of the recipient. These fees will be due at the time of order at the request of the carrier and are non-refundable. A restocking fee of 15% will be charged if an order is returned to our warehouse due to failure to pay required fees or is turned around at the border.
      • Prism Waterpipes is not responsible for customs duties. For more information, please contact the designated carrier directly with your shipping and tracking information.

      Why doesn't my order confirmation e-mail have tracking information?

      • The order confirmation email only confirms we have received your order. Once your order ships, you will receive a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number.

      Can I update my shipping information after I've placed an order?

      • If you would like to change the requested address added during checkout, please contact support@prismwaterpipes.com with the revised address. If the package has already shipped, the customer must cover all fees related to the return of the package and then the reshipping.

      How long will it take my order to ship?

      • All shipping timelines are based on the customer selected method. Standard is 3-10 business days. Priority is 1 - 3 days. Please note that all shipping is on top of manufacturing lead times. 

      How do I track my order?

      • You should have received ashipping confirmation e-mailstating that your order is complete and out for shipping. Use the tracking number in that email to track your package. If you cannot find your shipping notice email, check your spam folder. Sometimes it goes there.

      My tracking info doesn't work, what should I do?

      • If you've just received your shipping confirmation e-mail and tracking number, but tracking information is unavailable, please wait an additional 24 hours before checking for an update. There is always the possibility of a delay between an item shipping from our warehouse and being scanned for the first time at the shipping provider. If after 3 business days from receiving your tracking number you still have not seen any tracking information, please contact us.

      My package is marked delivered, but I cannot find it. What should I do?                                                 

      • Contact the shipping provider and check with them on the whereabouts of the package. If it has been stolen, you will need to file a claim with the shipping provider and then contact is once the claim has been accepted. 


      I only used my item once, can I return it.

      • Prism cannot receive back any piece that has been used, regardless of what substances with which it was used or whether it has been thoroughly cleaned. If you think you'll need to return a piece for any reason, contact us before using it. If you use the piece, you are formally accepting the product and waving your ability to return or exchange the product. 

      What is Prism’s return policy?

      • If you choose to return your item due to no longer wanting it or a change in heart, you will need to contact support@prismwaterpipes.com within 3 days of receiving the order and provide your order number along with a reason why you wish to return your item. The item must be returned in its original packaging and unused. If the item has been used, a return cannot be made. Prism also requires the customer pay for return shipping. Once the order is received, in good condition, a refund for the product will be provided. However, the original shipping cost will not be refunded. 

      Can I cancel my order?

      • Yes, as long as the order has not been shipped. 

      Can I make an exchange?

      • If you ordered an item and wish to make an exchange, you must contact us within 3 days of receiving your order. Please contact support@prismwaterpipes.com and provide your order number and the piece you wish to exchange your original piece with. We will require you to make a new purchase of the piece you would like, and we will process the return item once it is received by Prism. We will require you pay to ship the original item back to us unused and still in its original packaging. However, we will cover the return shipping of your new piece unless of course you choose to pay for priority shipping. 

      What should I do if my order is missing or has an incorrect item?

      • First off we are sorry we missed an item in your order. We do request that before you contact us, you double check all packaging and the box to double check the missing item is not in there. If you can still not find it, please contactsupport@prismwaterpipes.com

      What should I do if I received a broken item?

      • If your order arrives broken or damaged, please contact support@prismwaterpipes.com with a description of the issue, along with photos and or videos, and your order number. You have 3 days upon receiving your order to report an issue. Once customer service has reviewed the issue, either a replacement or store credit will be provided. Please dispose of all broken glass carefully and responsibly. Prism is not liable for any harm inflicted by broken glass products. 

      Where is my refund?

      • If you are awaiting a refund, but  haven’t received it yet, first double check your bank account. Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at support@prismwaterpipes.com 

      How long does it take for a refund to appear on my credit card?

      • Refunds normally post within 1 - 3 business days, though individual bank policies may result in additional delays. We recommend waiting at least 5 business days before contacting us or your bank to inquire about a refund credit.