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About Us

Prism Water Pipes is proud to be a Philadelphia based company.


Prism Water Pipes was created to accomplish a few simple, but important goals. To modify the water pipe by design to not only change up the game, but to eliminate issues based around cleanliness, glass replacement, and to open up a whole world of opportunities around modifications, modularity, and customization. 

In this ever-changing world, nobody wants to be stuck with one option. Convenience is key, and your water pipe should be as unique as you are. 


One day many moons ago, Shane, the founder of Prism, lived with a bunch of guys in a college house and OF COURSE they had a house bong. As faithful and as useful as this bong may have been, Shane noticed a few things: 

- Cleaning it was near impossible and thus rarely done. (6 guys, one bong...you do the math *shrieks*) 

- When cleaning actually DID happen you needed makeshift tools like a toothbrush fastened to a wooden rod or whatever else you could find and then risked cracking the glass getting to the hard-to-reach places.

- When a clumsy roommate drops the bong, it’s gone forever. 

This made Shane ask, “Why do we do this to ourselves?” The cost of a whole new bong was so pricy, especially when you may have only chipped the top, or cracked a downstem joint. Also, very wasteful, in his opinion. So why not make a bong modular?

Fast forward 8 years to 2019, with an engineering degree and a ton of research about modular bongs, Shane knew he could make a modular bong that could change the way you smoke forever. He brought on Sara and together they brought the vision into reality; a modern modular bong that is easy to clean, easy to replace, and extraordinarily customizable. 

Fast forward 1 ½ years and in comes Covid. Shane and Sara were kicked out of their little rented shop in Delaware in the height of the 420 season, left not knowing what to do with a ton of open orders and this vision they were building. However, little did they know it was a blessing in disguise because they hopped in their car and drove across the country to buy Prism’s first glass blowing lathe. 5,400 miles later, they were back setting up their own shop in North Philadelphia where they reside today. Along with this big change for Prism, they also brought on two new partners, Eliot and yes another Shane. With the addition of two more sets of hands running the show, Prism has been able to grow and be as creative as ever.

Prism has also paired up with some very talented graphic artists to bring you some EPIC decal designs. Some of them are Pretty Done, Enzy, and Prism’s very own shop manager. By collaborating with artists, Prism has been able to take the modular bong world to the next level allowing an unimaginable amount of creative designs and setups that truly look like a piece of art.

Growth knows no bounds for the team and designing new pieces and improving old ones is considered a happily accepted challenge. Game on, Fam!

Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy the site! 

Thank you. 



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