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About Us

Prism Water Pipes is proud to be a Philadelphia based company


Basic Overview:

- Prism Water Pipes is a water pipe manufacturing company. We make custom bongs, big bongs, small bongs, and so on. It's also a big focus for us to make sure it's easy for a Prism owner to always have a clean bong. 

- Our mission is to modify the water pipe by design to eliminate issues based around breaking glass, cleaning, and the simple fact that you cannot change a solid glass piece after it's been purchased.

- This is all done through the modular concept. Using our aluminum clamps, and US glass manufacturing process we are able to achieve a perfect seal making the piece air tight and allowing the owner to handle it as if it were a solid piece of glass. 

Manufacturing & Design:

The clamps were engineered and designed in house, and we have sourced their production to over seas partners. After many iterations we have finalized our design to be a great product. All final glass blowing is done in the US to ensure the glass is compatible with our clamps. We currently have 4 in house glass blowers, however we do import initial glass pieces in an effort to meet our target market's pricing requirements. This excludes bowls and stems. Our local glass blowers are Salem Community College graduates, which is the best glass blowing school in the country. 

Our Story, and Why We Exist:

A friend had come home with a brand new Zong. The whole apartment was elated to christen the new addition to their collection. Just after welcoming the new piece to the fam, the owner goes to clean the only used once bong. A shriek came from the bathroom. He had dropped the piece and it was gone, as Sandlot put it, "Foorreevveerr". The next day one of Prism's founders went to clean his own piece. After fastening a toothbrush to a wooden rod to reach into the perc chamber, he began to brush the inside. After a few strokes, he heard a crack, and he had broken a perc stem. Hundreds of dollars lost in just one weekend. 

Flash forward 8 years. The founder noticed that although the concept of modular water pipes had been done by various companies, it was never what he had envisioned.

This is why he started Prism. To bring the water pipe to the modern standard it deserves. Easy to clean, fix, and store with the added bonus of being able to design your own. 

Enjoy our site. Feedback is always welcome. 

Thank you. 

Check out our standard water pipes to see what we mean. 

Email: support@prismwaterpipes.com


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