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June 30, 2021 3 min read

The Perks of a Modular Bong

Picture your current bong. You know, the old, stinky, discolored bong that’s hard to clean and too tall to fit in any of your cabinets or shelves?  Bringing it anywhere is simply out of the question, how can you travel with that big smelly thing? Do you ever get sick of it and wish you could have something a little different, but don't want to drop the big bucks for a whole new setup? We feel you here, at Prism, and we figured out how to solve all of these problems.

Meet the Modular Bong.

A modular bong is a bong with interchangeable glass parts, using clamps to hold them together, to create a modern design, and unlimited customization for ultimate convenience. Below we are going to give you a few reasons why you won’t regret making the jump from a traditional bong to a modular bong.

  1. Style points! Modular bongs LOOK SO COOL! And with the ability to customize literally every aspect of the bong, from decals, glass color, shape and size of the base, mouthpieces, percolators, downstems, bowl colors, and clamp colors, the possibilities are endless! You will never have the same bong as anyone else, making your new bong as unique as you are.
  2. Easy to Clean. Let. Us. Say. That. Again.  Easy to clean! How many times have you invented some weird tool involving an old toothbrush attached to a BBQ skewer and some rubber bands with a sponge or something just to reach the crud at the bottom of your bong?! (Just us? Oh. ok then…) But for real, with a modular bong, all you have to do is un-clamp the glass and, voila! Every part is more than within reach for cleaning, as often as you want! Goodbye bong stench!
  3. Interchangeability. Does your mood change at the drop of a hat? Are you the kind of person that always wants the newest, next big thing? This is a bong for you. Every piece is 100% interchangeable, and you can mix and match until your collection needs its own cabinet! One day you may want a petite floral honeycomb bong setup with blue clamps and a bent mouthpiece, and the next day you may need a bigger rip, so you can pop on that amazing tall white mouthpiece to your beaker bong base with your Gold clamp and really change up your smoke sesh! The sky's the limit here, and there’s nothing wrong with showing off all your Prism pieces!
  4. Travel-ready. Now that you know how easy it is to clean your bong, we know you’re going to want to bring it with you everywhere. Because it's a modular bong, it can be broken down into pieces to be placed in more manageable-sized travel bags. Never settle for a one-hitter ever again. Bring your Prism bong with you and don’t compromise your smoking experience any more!
  5. Replaceable. We know that feeling when tragedy strikes and your dog's tail whips your bong off the table and you helplessly watch it go down in slow motion until you hear the fatal crash and your bong is gone forever… Say goodbye to those days! With a modular bong, if you break a piece, you just replace that one part! The days are over when an accident means you have to save up for weeks to replace your entire bong. Replacing a little section of your bong is not only more affordable, but more sustainable too! Waste not, want not!
  6. Easy to Store. Do you have company coming over? Need to put the bong away for a little while? How much easier is it to store a bong that breaks down into pieces than a massive tall bong?! We know, you never want to put that bong away, but isn’t it nice to have the option?  We thought so too.  We don't want you to scare away grandma. 
If all of that isn’t enough to convince you, why don’t you head over to www.Prismwaterpipes.com and take a look at all the custom pieces you can make on our 3D-Builder. We are always adding new products, decals,  and colors and we know you won’t be disappointed!

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