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November 10, 2021 3 min read

Importance of Changing your Bong Water

We’re allbong smokers here at Prism. Yes, we love our joints and our blunts and our pipes (and even our vapes), but there’s something different about abong that provides an unmatched smoking experience. Unlike all the other smoking methods,bongs give us the chance to use all of the natural elements -- earth (the cannabis), fire (the lighter), air (the smoke), and last but not least,WATER!!! We all do our best to smoke the highest quality strains we can get our hands on, so why should we spoil the taste of that absolute gas with dirty water? We shouldn’t!

What’s Wrong With Dirty Water???

In dirty or stagnant water, all sorts of bacteria are able to form, and it doesn’t take long. Stagnant water can start to accrue bacteria in just 24-48 hours, but there’s nothing stopping you from changing it more often than that! Usually, you can tell with your eyes when the water needs a change (we all know the color). If you have abong you haven’t smoked out of in awhile, but there’s still water in it, even if it looks clear, it’s a good idea to change it out with some fresh water. E. Coli and Hepatitis A are common in stagnant water, and you are just as likely to contract that bacteria by inhaling it as you are by drinking it (weREALLY don’t recommend that).

But Changing My Water Is SO Complicated!!!

I know what you’re thinking. With a lot of elaborate setups, changing the water can be an annoying task. If you have an especiallybig bong, you may not even be able to pour it out into the sink without making a mess on your counter. Or maybe your faucet isn’t tall enough to reach the spot where you need to fill it up. If yourbong has apercolator, the water can get stuck in one of the many chambers, causing you to flip thistall bong upside down a hundred times in your little kitchen or bathroom sink. All of this extra moving around makes your beloved glass more susceptible to being dropped and/or broken.

Prism To The Rescue!!!

In addition to reducing the time and effort it takes to change your water, Prism’s modular design reduces the chances of breakage during maintenance. When changing the water in a modularbong, you can leave the entire mouthpiece off to the side, eliminating the awkward swinging around of an entire piece, just to change the water. All of our bases have easy access to adding or removing water, whether you have ahoneycomb or abeaker. And if some water got trapped up in yourpercolator, no problem! Just take thepercolator out by itself and pour it out, again, removing the need to handle an entire setup for a task that involves only one of its parts. Also, want that filtered fridge water, we got you. Just put your base right up to your fridge water spout and BAM, fill that puppy up with some nice chilled clean ass filtered water.

There are so manyperks(see what I did there?) to amodular bong, but the efficiency of changing the water is a game changer. If you’re someone who’s used to taking dirtybong rips (no judgment), get your hands on your favoritePrism Water Pipes setup and you will hardly even have to think about changing the water. That’s how easy we make it for you. And you won’t regret it after your first rip with fresh, clean water! Your body will thank you too!

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