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Floral Waterpipes

May 09, 2019 1 min read

Floral Waterpipes

Our Floral Waterpipes have been selling like crazy, and unfortunately they are not going to last. Prism is always on the lookout for vintage decals that we can make limited edition pieces with. Because we find these from private sellers, and they are always very old decals, we only have a limited amount of these. Most of the businesses making these decals have gone out of business, so we literally cannot buy anymore. Applying these decals is an art, and must be done perfectly to ensure they are not damaged when we fire them on in the kiln. Once fired on, they are literally part of the glass and will not come off unless you poor a strong acid or sandpaper them to death. We hope you love the variety we offer, and if you are reading this after they have sold out, don't worry we are still on the hunt for more, they may just look different than our original floral release. If you have already purchased a floral piece, be on the look out for our future pieces that will pare well with your floral water pipe!

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