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May 09, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

At Prism we love flowers and the vibes they bring. As a custom bong company, we want to offer a variety of decal styles to mix & match, and we knew having flower bong pieces was a must. Especially when we realized early on that our vintage 1950s flowers were a hit, so from that started our flower bong collection. Our current collection consists of the Moonlight Rose, Vintage Orange Flowers, and the Sunflowers dispersed across all our glass types (mouthpieces, percolators, and bases). So there is a wide assortment for you to conjure up your own custom bong design with a touch of flower flare. We imagine this collection to be ever growing allowing the Prism fam to swap out new flower bong designs when they are released. As it is now, many members of the Prism fam have collected flower glass pieces across all our different types and since Prism is a modular bong company, their piece evolves and blooms into an assortment of different flowers over time.

Moonlight Rose Flower Bong:

The Moonlight Rose Flower Bong pieces are an array of large beautiful blue roses varying in different tones of blue amongst a background of their green leaves. This decal comes on our Tall and Bent Mouthpieces in White, Grape Taffy, Key Lime, and Blueberry. We also know a true flower bong needs to have matching flowers on the base, so we have added Moonlight Rose flower options for each base.  Paring any of these pieces together creates one beauty of a custom flower bong that can range from being small and cute to tall and empowering. 

Vintage Orange Flower Bong:

Now the Vintage Orange Flower Bong pieces are a one of a kind decal that we only have for the Tall and Bent Mouthpieces and it is hands down one of the Prism fam favorites. It is an array of varying vintage orange flowers with blooms of blue and green flowers creating that classic vintage look straight out of your grandma’s china cabinet. Pair this with the clamp color of your choice and you’ve got a beautiful flower bong straight out of an era since passed. 

Sunflower Bong:

Sunflowers are a beautiful emblem of summer, happiness, and nature. They simply are the good vibe & good time flower. Our sunflower bong decals were picked for those who love to bring that kind of energy to any sesh. Sunflower people know who they are, and these bongs are for you. They are available on the percolators and both the big and small honeycomb bases. Pair these pieces with any mouthpiece, and you’ll have a good vibes flower bong everyone will love. 

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August 29, 2021

I’m looking to buy a new bong

Alvaro Contreras
Alvaro Contreras

August 29, 2021

What’s the price on this

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