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September 12, 2020 5 min read

Custom Bong FAQ

Most people who see our products have never seen anything like it before so it naturally creates a lot of inquisitivity (is that a word) and wonder like: What the hell is that? Whats that metal thing? How do you use it? Or the classic: Shit, does that thing come apart? Well here's a break down of all your sometimes wacky, but also very typical questions asked on the reg on custom bongs.

What is a modular custom bong?

  • A modular custom bong is a piece you can interchange different bases, percolators, and mouthpieces to create endless design options. Want a small sesh in the morning, but a big bong at night? Well a customizable bong allows you to set it up based on however you are feeling with ease. Pretty cool right??

What is the best starter piece for those new to the custom bong game?

  • Well it depends on your preferences, but we always recommend either theBasic Tall Mouthpiece and Beaker OR theStandard Mouthpiece, with a Percolator, and any Base. The second option is really 2 bongs in 1! Kind of a no brainer. 

Is every glass piece interchangeable?

  • Yes! All of the Prism pieces can be interchanged to make an awesome custom bong depending on your sesh mood for the day. 

How many combinations can I make?

  • So the coolest thing about a customizable bong is the options are literally endless. Plus, Prism is continually coming out with new pieces and designs. Early on we calculated the combinations to be 1,154 setups. Cannot imagine what that number is now! So have fun designing your unique custom bong! Check out our Gallery for some ideas!

How do I assemble it?

  • @dadneedsdabs was cool enough to make our instructional video for us. Take note of his dad tips and if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. Here’s the link to the page - Assemble  

How do I clean my setup?

  • Cleaning a bong is easy, said no one ever, until they owned a modular custom bong! So all you have to do is disassemble your piece and fill with your preferred cleaning agent. Shake it up and let it sit, then rinse out. It’s that easy. No more hard to reach spots! We do suggest purchasing some cleaning caps. Check out @highgenevievee‘svideo she made for us on cleaning it with a solvent in the sink! Here’s the link to the page - Cleaning

How thick is Prism glass? 

  • All of our bong bases and mouthpieces are made of high end 7mm borosilicate glass. So it’s thick! All percolators and bent mouthpieces are made from 5mm borosilicate glass due to the detail work within the percolators. However, 5mm is still a solid thickness. Now that doesn’t mean the glass won’t break because it’s still glass but, at least it has a fighting chance.

How durable is it?

  • Oh it’s durable. The glass is made from high end 5mm & 7mm borosilicate glass and the clamps from steel. Once the clamps are closed, even the Hulk couldn’t pull this beast apart.

What do I do if a piece breaks?

  • Unfortunately, we’ve all been there when our stomach drops to the floor as our beloved bong breaks. Not a good day. Luckily, with a custom bong, it’s super easy and inexpensive to replace the broken parts.Whew

Is my custom bong dishwasher safe?

  • You can place your Prism glass in the dishwasher on the top shelf, but we have found this can fade your decals. If your glass does not have decals, then you only run the risk of fading the decal Prism logo around the rim. We are not suggesting you put your glass in your dishwasher though, but if you do, the glass should be fine. However, please note, the clamps are NOT dishwasher safe and should not be placed in the dishwasher.

What are the clamps made out of?

  • Theclamps are made of an aluminum exterior lined with a specialized rubber interior, along with a lever on the side to close and tightly seal the two pieces of glass together. On the interior of the clamp, there is a built in rubber gasket ridge where the two pieces of glass butt up against making a very safe and secure seal - Clamps

How tall can I build it?

  • However tall your heart desires! Just make sure you have a Beaker or Big Honeycomb Base to stabilize the base of the bong! And maybe someone holding it too if you’re building a really tall one haha!

Can I buy a Prism piece in a headshop?

  • Unfortunately, no. We are ramping up to do so though. Stay tuned because we are super excited about it and have something serious in the works!

How do the clamps work?

  • You simply slide the clamp on the bottom piece of glass, place the second piece of glass in the top of the clamp, and then push the lever closed. Check out the video @dadneedsdabs made for us that explains it all! Also, don’t be scared of the clamps, a little bit of pressure won’t hurt them. Here’s the link to the page - Assemble 

Does Prism make a carrying case?

  • Very soon! We have paired up with an awesome artist to design 3 size types of durable canvas bags. The bags are filled with a contained cotton stuffing and a pull string top that securely holds the glass in place. Throw these bags into your backpack for safe travels or storage! 

How often will new designs come out?

  • The Prism design team is always innovating and scheming up new designs. It’s kinda what our Founder does best. 100% ideas man that one. So our goal is to try and have new items on the website on a monthly basis. Follow us on IG @prismwaterpipes to see all new item releases or sign up for our newsletter. Also, be on the lookout for discontinued items.

Does the Prism modular system work with any other brand?

  • No it does not. Due to glass tolerances, the clamps are very sensitive to variations. So our glass is made to work perfectly with our clamp diameter. 

Do the clamps give a complete seal?

  • Yes they do. The seal is so tight it’s almost impossible to pull two pieces of glass apart when connected together! It’s like gorilla glue strength! 

So I hope this answers your questions, but if it doesn't feel free to reach out! Support@prismwaterpipes.com 

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