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Mint Moonlight Rose Tall Mouthpiece

Blue Floral Tall Mouthpiece

This 5mm borosilicate glass mouthpiece is great for any of the Prism custom bong setups. Coming in just under 12” tall with an ice pinch to chill your smoke, it pairs great with any piece in the Prism fam to build your standard classic bong. Or even better, add it to your mouthpiece collection to swap in whenever you want!

- Thickness: 5mm

- Height: 11.8"

- Tube Diameter: 2"

Which Custom Bong Size Should I Choose?

Choosing the best bong size will optimize your smoking experience and allow your glass to better suit your needs.

Luckily with Prism, you can go back and forth between sizes or start with a small bong and add more sections as you like. However, we wanted to provide an explanation as to why one may want to choose a Single, Double, or Triple Stack Prism custom bong.