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Big Honeycomb Base Big Perc Double Stack

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The Big Honeycomb Double Stack is one of our best functioning and bigger pieces. This thing is beefy, but hits milky smooth. With two honeycomb percs and a straight percolated fixed downstem below the honeycombs to evenly distribute the smoke throughout the honeycomb percs, the function is perfect. On top of that we stacked a 12 Stem Big Perc. This makes for plenty of filtration and massive chugs. 

All together, this set up comes with a Standard Mouthpiece, the Big Honeycomb Base, a Big Perc, and an 18mm joint. It also comes with your selected aluminum clamp. The clamp is made of an aluminum exterior lined with a specialized rubber interior, along with a lever on the side to close and tightly seal the two pieces of glass together. On the interior of the clamp, there is a built in rubber gasket ridge where the two pieces of glass butt up against making a very safe and secure seal.

-Thickness: 5mm

- Height: 21.5"

- Bowl Joint: 18mm female