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Honeycomb Base Double Stack with Bent Mouthpiece

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The Honeycomb Double Stack stands at almost 16.8” tall and uses the smaller of our two Honeycomb Bases. It’s designed with two honeycombs in the base that will make your smoke milky smooth along with a fixed down stem for extra filtration and a super smooth pull. 

All together, this set up comes with the Honeycomb Base, Bent Mouthpiece, 7 Stem Perc, and a 18mm bowl. It also comes with your selected aluminum clamp. The clamp is made of an aluminum exterior lined with a specialized rubber interior, along with a lever on the side to close and tightly seal the two pieces of glass together. On the interior of the clamp, there is a built in rubber gasket ridge where the two pieces of glass butt up against making a very safe and secure seal.

- Thicknesses: 5mm

- 45 Degree Bent Mouthpiece Thickness: 5mm (base) & 3mm (neck)

- Height: 16.8"

- Tube Diameter: 1" (mouthpiece) 2” (perc & base)

- Bowl Joint: 18mm female