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Classic Beaker Big Perc Double Stack With Bent Mouthpiece

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The Big Perc Double Stack With a Bent Mouthpiece is Prism's version of the classic beaker single perc bong with a larger middle perc, and let's face it, it's beautiful. With our system, it's easy to break it down to just a classic beaker and it's also easy to clean and throw in a backpack for an adventure. 

All together, this set up comes with a Bent Mouthpiece, the 7mm Classic Beaker Base, 12 Stem Big Perc, an 18mm joint, and then the downstem and bowl. It also comes with your selected aluminum clamp. The clamp is made of an aluminum exterior lined with a specialized rubber interior, along with a lever on the side to close and tightly seal the two pieces of glass together. On the interior of the clamp, there is a built in rubber gasket ridge where the two pieces of glass butt up against making a very safe and secure seal.

- Beaker Thickness: 7mm

- Perc Thickness: 5mm

- 45 Degree Bent Mouthpiece Thickness: 5mm (base) & 3mm (neck)

- Height: 17.3"

- Tube Diameter: 1" (mouthpiece) 2.5” (perc), & 6” (base) 

- Bowl Joint: 14mm female

- Downstem Joint: 18mm female