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Prism's Dishwasher Safe Bong

May 26, 2019 1 min read

Prism's Dishwasher Safe Bong

Dishwasher Video

Further Info:

Welcome to freedom. We are so stoked to announce that most of our pieces are dishwasher safe for cleaning! (most only because we have not tested the honeycomb bases). After getting a piece dirty enough and for long enough that any sane person would have thrown it in the dishwasher before it got this dirty, we threw the beaker, downstem, Big Perc, and mouth piece all in the dishwasher with a cascade standard dishwasher pod. We crossed our fingers as we opened it up after the cycle finish, and guess what?! It came out sparkling clean! Even the downstem which was covered in brown (not shown in video) came out spotless. We will be providing clear instructions for dishwasher use in the near future, but it's pretty simple and the video shows how to place all pieces except the downstem which we just placed over a dishwasher rack rod. Goodbye iso alcohol and cleaning caps, hello easy. If you have decals on your piece, they will not be effected by the dishwasher. 

Dishwasher Safe Pieces:

- Classic Beaker Base

- Downstem

- Mouth Pieces

- Percs (please place upside down as shown in video)


Not Tested Yet:

- Honeycomb Base

- Big Honeycomb Base

- Bowls

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