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August 16, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

WINNER! click here to see who it is!


Aug 21st Raffle for Prism's Single Stack Bong | Water PipeHello bong enthusiast! Prism is as you may know a fairly new company with what we think is a fairly different approach to the bong or water pipe. That being said, we want to get some feedback. There is no reason to build 1 trillion bongs if the people we want using them tell us we need to make some changes. This post is meant to give you further information into our raffle so you know what to expect :) 

quick blurb to be safe:

Winner is chosen on Aug 21st 2018

The bong is meant for tobacco use only

What you will get:

If you are the winner winner chicken dinner, you will get a free single 6 stem perc bong / water pipe. From clicking the link you will see it is a complete assembly and ready for use. We think it has a $150 value but that is part of the feedback we will be looking for. 

What we want from you:

To enter the contest we will obviously need you to fill out the popup on our website for the give away. Give it a second, we set the popup to come up after 5 seconds of viewing the page. We assume if you are willing to sign up for the give away you genuinely want to try our product and tell us what you think. The specific questions below are what we are looking for answers to, but of course any additional feedback is more than welcome. 

- What were you initial impressions upon pulling the bong out of the packaging?

- If you could describe our bong by a famous actor or character who would it be?

- Do you find the clamps easy enough to use? (we have found them tighter then we like and are working on a solution, so this is extremely important to us). 

- What would you want to be able to take the bong apart for?

- How well did it perform when you smoked using it?

-Would you recommend this bong to a friend?

And that's it! Thank you for reading this, We hope you look to join our contest! Good luck!


1 Response


September 19, 2018

Hey guys the piece finally showed up. So here comes the feedback.

My first impressions upon opening the packaging were “holy $#!+ this thing is gorgeous!”

If I had to choose a celebrity thay I feel it resembled: Jennifer Lopez. (J-Lo) and hear me out as to why. This piece is so classy and elegant. Full of style and appeal. Plus she has that big booty beaker. Proportionate, extremely balanced, and just an overall stunner. I think this piece will mature just like a fine wine. Better with time.

As for the clamps. I found them easy to operate. I use cam fittings frequently and I found the operation of them to be be quite silky comparitavely. They do have resistanace ensuring a firm fit when engaged. My wife found them a little difficult to fully latch. Things I would like to see in the future however are: the neoprene sleeve inside the clamps somehow promote wicking the water to the outside of the glass. I think that a small rubber washer adhered to the bottom of the joining component would help mitigate this issue. As well instead of a neoprene sleeve perhaps an open cell gasket that would somewhat absorb any of the escaping water rather than forcing it to find a route out may help with this issue as well.

As for why I’d take her apart. Easy. Cleaning and travelling.

Now for the big one. How she worked. Like a clydesdale horse. Hits like Ronda Rousey. We had a housefull of happy beta testers, first off every single person in attendace valued the piece at $300 CAD. The piece is so well balanced the 5mm glass is superbly crafted, and well machined. The only feedbacks I have for the glass pieces are they dont have a micro bevel where the components stack. The glass has sharp edges that I feel without this feature will only chip the faces and the rings over time. Second glass feedback is id like to see gradient rings etched into the glass for optimal seating of the clamps. Even a frosting feature to plainly see exactly where the clamps should be positioned would definietely speed up the guessing during initial setups.

Overall guys I have to give this piece a 4.5 stars out of 5. I am ao excited to be a proud owner of a beautiful Prism piece. Please met me know how I can get the second perc and another clamp. I am absolutely going to recommend to my friends and family.

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