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May 01, 2019 2 min read

We are soooo stoked to have launched our new site. Hours were spent, but at least it was fun shaping the new online look as well as the functionality. As you can see, we were able to incorporate more of our colored and limited edition pieces into our gallery content. This is great because it allows us to show the full potential of our products in lifestyle type/branding images. As you can also see, we have chosen to continue to brand around the urban and street art life styles. We live in a city where this culture is strong, and it is a part of who we are as a company. 

Now for those who care, some new features. Aside from a fresh look in general, the product pages are sooo much easier to use. The color swatches are more conveniently located so you can easily decided between a Big Perc Single Stack in Red or Blue. The next most important feature is the navigation. You can now "Shop" on the site by filtering in the products page to narrow down what you are interested in, or you can jump straight to the nuts and bolts if you know exactly what collection you want to shop. The idea was that you could find you want fast. We also added a lot of content containing information about Prism. Lastly, the new site is supposedly faster, so we hope that helps. If you are new to Prism, we hope you find this helpful and choose to join the Prism fam. 

Website are always, and we mean always a work in progress, so please please let us know if there is anything that bugs you about the new site, and even if there was something that you wish it had . Thanks for reading and enjoy the new site!

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