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Frequently Asked Questions

August 17, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Prism Water Pipes | Modern Bong Modular Bong Glass Water Pipes

Email: support@prismwaterpipes.com

As we believe in the Modify by Design concept and modifications mean change, we thought it best to answer some of the questions that have come up with our customers and interested parties so far. 

How do the Couplers work?

You simply slide the coupler on the bottom piece, place the second piece of glass in the top, and close the lever. When you receive your water pipe you will get a document that shows how to do this with photos and tips. 

Do the couplers give a complete seal?


Are you going to charge a premium for standalone glass for additions or replacements?

See our pricing for just glass here, and additions here. We would love to hear any feedback regarding our pricing however we made it a purpose to be fair with additions and just glass purchases. 

What makes you different from Illadelph, Staxx or the other modular water pipe companies?

The Staxx/Illadelph modular water pipe concept is not to be knocked and is indeed a good one. Our couplers are completely different than kek clamps. Our design modifications are what they are for two major reasons.

1. To make the connection strong. We want people to handle our water pipe just like they would handle a solid piece of glass without any fear of the bottom falling out. 

2. We designed our clamps to look good, and we designed them such that we can offer many variations of colors and patterns to further your ability to choose a water pipe that fits you. You will see these new patterns and colors released soon. 

What if I like to own multiple pieces and do not want to mix and match?

We understand that as of writing this, our company has a limited selection. That will soon be a thing of the past. Then we ask, why can't you own multiple custom built pieces, never mix and match, but have the ability to take your water pipe apart for a proper cleaning, or to store them, and god forbid you break your favorite water pipe, don't you want to have a way to just replace what's broken instead of toss it all in the trash? 




1 Response


November 28, 2018

This bong is gorgeous!
Hits soo smooth and well made ! Love that you can add pieces to it.
100% would recommend anyone who want add this piece to their collection ! Such a beautiful piece !💜

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